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French Investor 🇫🇷 Love all types of science 🥰
5 months ago

Tesla Powerpack to Launch at SLO County Health & Water Facilities in California

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"At zero cost to residents"?

Who financed it? Did Tesla just donate a Powerpack?

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· 5 mo. ago · edited 5 mo. ago

Why would Telsa donate a powerpack? It doesn't have to be free to pay for itself.

Combined, the two units are expected to save the county $800,000 over a projected 20-year lifespan.

funded [incentives] through the State of California Public Utilities Commission's Self Generation Incentive Program

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· 5 mo. ago
All In Since 2017

With government becoming more familiar with the technology I hope that will translate to a more beneficial stance on net meeting. Then consumers can get money back from selling their energy at peak times.

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That’s awesome hope to see these at more critical facilities.

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