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French Investor 🇫🇷 Love all types of science 🥰
1 year ago

Canada's first nested microgrid development powered by solar and Tesla Powerpacks

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· 1 yr. ago

My guess is that they didn't add more panels because the province didn't grant them the ability to sell energy back to the grid. They probably didn't want to be 'wasting' excess solar energy

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Is it naive to be annoyed when they only add enough solar for 10% of energy needs? I understand costs but come onnn I wanna see a commitment to 100% at least in the future

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· 1 yr. ago
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I cannot understand how they are thinking: adding more panels is cheap compared to the other installations hence it always makes sense to maximise the available roof space.

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Might be a budgeting thing, they might not want to pay for more right now or get a bigger loan etc.

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