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Found the internet!
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French Investor 🇫🇷 Love all types of science 🥰
2 years ago

Tesla Powerpack Will Be Used in Solar Panel & Battery Project in Mozambique

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"Mozambique here!"

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Comment deleted by user · 2 yr. ago
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· 2 yr. ago
51 🪑 @ 232 🇭🇰Hong Kong investor

I was confused why Tesla would care about a video game. Turns out it is actually a place.

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Comment removed by moderator · 2 yr. ago
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They may be cleaner, but if they can't match the price they won't be favoured over Tesla.

Besides, LFP-batteries have mostly components that aren't rare at all.

Can batteries be produced in a cleaner manner? Definitely, but I don't think that will be the bottle neck here. The only way to disrupt this is by offering a product which is cheaper.

About long term storage: that's a different product and it can exist next to lithium-ion batteries.

Bonus: The equilibrium according to RethinkX is overproduction of energy by wind/solar paired with relatively low amount of batteries. That's the cheapest solution they can come up with, and it's also a very exciting one because it creates a lot of excess energy we can use for several interesting things.

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Op · 2 yr. ago
French Investor 🇫🇷 Love all types of science 🥰

What a joke. It’s like when someone say that competition is coming. That has been 15years that Tesla is waiting. Cya

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RemindMe! 5 years

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First, there is nowhere near the availability of rare Earth resources to utilize lithium-ion

  1. Rare earths are rare

  2. rare earths aren’t used in lithium ion batteries

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What resources would be the problem here, given Tesla's battery strategy? And what's not clean about it?

What clean batteries are you exactly referring to?

I'm genuinely curious.

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