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Contemporary Paganism


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Many of the oldest religions include the idea of upholding cosmic order/law/what is properly joined, right, true.

I suppose that, in a scenario where such cosmic order is duly upheld, for instance:

  • all social institutions work;

  • only what's needed is taken from nature;

  • the environment is respected as physical manifestation of one Deity or more than one Deity, etc..

It means, among other things, no selfishness/corruption/anti-social behaviour in general and no expansionism/imperialism/proselytism. In such a context there still is death, for instance, but there's no complete loneliness. And there are social classes, but there's no ruling class that can do whatever it wants and that can keep other social classes in extreme poverty.

In our world Global North's richest capitalists and financial elite are literally destroying both human societies and the world. All life as we know it is at risk because of environmental crisis. Diseases spread. The seasons as our elders knew them are changing. People adopt strange, previously unheard of lifestyles and look completely lost. Colonialism still is a reality. As for religion, the oldest religious traditions keep losing members to Christianity, Islam and contemporary missionary atheism, beliefs that aren't committed to upholding any kind of cosmic order nor are willing to fight any of the other sources of cosmic imbalance (like Global North's imperialism and capitalism, environmental crisis and atomism/extreme individualism).

Within the present context, what do you think about cosmic order? Is it still upheld? Did its meaning change? Is it threatened? Is it completely lost? If it's threatened, can it be restored? What can one do about it?

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Traditional Wiccan
4 days ago

This could just be me having a lot of education in regard to religious studies and being a pompous asshole, but I’ve noticed that a very large amount of people in the pagan, polytheist, witchy, etc communities are very misinformed in regard to the idea of a patron deity.

A patron deity is not simply a deity you have a personal affinity for. Don’t get me wrong, feeling personally drawn towards a god or goddess is an amazing thing and an important part of your spiritual practice. However, just because you feel personally inclined towards a deity, does not make them your patron.

Historically, a patron god presided over an activity you participated in, a geographical area in which you lived, or something inherent about your being (eg: Hera being the patron of women, Hephaestus being the patron of blacksmiths, etc).

So for example (keeping it in the context of the Hellenic pantheon for sake of simplicity), if you are particularly drawn towards Zeus, he is not your patron simply because you feel connected to him. Again, that connection is great! Lean in to it! Worship him, honour him and build your relationship with him! This is only to say that just because you relate to a deity, or feel drawn to them, or connected to them, doesn’t mean they’re your patron.

Additional thoughts: the female counterpart to patron is patroness. A matron is a married women and does not mean ‘patron, but make it female’.

You also don’t need a deity to be your patron to worship them.

At the end of the day, this isn’t really a big deal and I know most people likely mean well and don’t know better, but it’s something I find mildly irritating. That’s all! Have a good day !

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