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SIB Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition

hi all

watch dogs legion gold edition (comes with all DLC + Watch Dogs 1 complete) is on sale on the psn store for a good price

i really loved watch dogs 1 and since i never got to play the dlc, the season pass of legion comes with it

i enjoyed the hacking as well as the general gunplay which was very good

i played 2 briefly but i really could not get into it, i think it was mainly due to the quirky cast and general vibe. the shooting also felt much worse

how does legion stack up? it seems extremely unique but i have heard nothing but mixed reception since release so i wanted some more opinions

thanks all

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I like it. It's like pokemon kinda. The dlc is assassins creed and watch dogs 1 related.

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Op · 3 mo. ago

how is the shooting and general gameplay compare to 1?

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Comment deleted by user · 3 mo. ago
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Give it a go (especially on sale) if you liked the previous ones. The basics are rather similar and the tone is somewhere between 1 and 2: there's some humor but it's not overly quirky like the 2nd was.

IIRC the hacking system is slightly better.

The element of recruiting new characters for your team adds some variety and options on how to approach certain missions (since each type of character might have certain special abilities) and if you activate the "permanent death" option it adds a nice challenge (and the illusion of stakes). Plus, the DLCs are cool and the new characters are more charismatic.

The only thing I hate (and hope Ubisoft stops hamfisting into their games) is that there are plenty of enemy drones and it often gets annoying, though certainly not as much as in GR: Breakpoint

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That being said, I must point out that it is still a mid-tier Ubisoft game: missions are not too varied and enemy bases have very similar design. You need to overlook this in order to enjoy the game. Overall it is good if you want to kill time but there's no depth to it

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I like legion and played on hard with permadeath which really ramped up the tension, but it does mean that if your DLC characters die it is GG on that so be careful. I played a bunch and came back a year later to play with the DLC people and lost them like a goof. It would not be so much of an issue if you could get replacement heroes with their power set. That aside I had a good bit of fun with the game. The permadeath makes it a bit rogue-like and gives some steaks to the fights.

If it is for a good price and that sounds fun I would recommend trying it out.

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Op · 3 mo. ago

it sounds and looks very unique. it's 40 bucks for the gold

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