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Ha ha ha ha SPORTS

r/FunnyandSad - Ha ha ha ha SPORTS
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"Yes, perfect, blame sports!"

- Multibillion dollar corporations

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It's more like:

"haha yes blame the players you stupid mouth breathers" - billionaire sports team owners

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cough cough Big Pharma cough cough

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The guys playing handegg are having their checks signed by the owners. The owners are worth more than every player combined by a very large margin.

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Also, major league professional athletes:

  1. are unionized workers who collectively bargained for their wages

  2. are disproportionately black men who grew up in disadvantaged neighborhoods

  3. pay the labor tax rate, unlike other rich guys who usually pay a far lower tax rate because their income comes from investments, not labor

Nobody should buy into the narrative that pro athletes are "entitled millionaires". They're not. They're union workers who earned everything they have through their labor.

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Chris Rock has a great bit about "rich vs wealthy"

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We should eat them.

Am I doing this right?

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Yeah I own the Greenbay Packers so I'm loaded /s

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Either way who cares, a couple wealthy team owners have nothing to do with you having healthcare. They provide a service and fans pay to consume it.

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Not to mention that the actual athletes playing are getting brain damage thatll last the rest of their lives. Most people who even try to make it to the NFL fall short in highschool and college. College football makes tons of money and the players never see it.

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Happy Cake Day🎂


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Be mad at billionaires owners, not the players who get paid a tiny fraction of what they make in a year. I can’t really be upset about what the players make, a lot of these guys have pulled their entire families out of poverty. I’ve seen it first hand.

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