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Posted by4 months ago
HelpfulWholesomeSilverTake My Energy
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Not to mention that the actual athletes playing are getting brain damage thatll last the rest of their lives. Most people who even try to make it to the NFL fall short in highschool and college. College football makes tons of money and the players never see it.

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NFL: "We have no idea why these guys that keep bashing their heads together are getting violently crazy and killing someone/themselves, but it's probably not CTE."

MLB: "Oh my god the ball hit the corner of the rim on your helmet, quick get out the manual for the 10 minute long concussion protocol, HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING?"

Almost every single one of the impacts that happens in NFL would bring out the team doctors doing a concussion protocol in MLB. The game would never end.

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College players are starting to see it because of NIL.

Also, nearly every athletic department loses money in any given year because football and men's basketball subsidize every other sport. If the schools had to pay all players on top of already losing money they would just shut down athletics altogether resulting in fewer opportunities for scholarships.

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