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One of Ramona's little presents 💩
4 hours ago
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Were you there beloved?
3 days ago
  • r/BravoRealHousewives - Bravolebs at Porsha’s wedding, do we know who else attended?
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your lugguage is gonna be there
3 days ago
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Nene sleeping during Kenya's reunion speech
4 days ago
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I can toss my own salad at home
4 days ago

(I don't understand why Reddit makes it so difficult to post an embedded youtube video with text included underneath... am I missing something? ok anyways..)

I didn't see this posted already, but Nene did an interview recently with Larry Reid on youtube and talked about some updates in her life. I made some TL;DR notes because it's almost 2 hours long lol. It was pretty interesting! I included some general time stamps when I remembered lol.

Some discussions of Greg's passing below as well as Brentt's recent health problems. It jumps around a lot. Nothing is exact quotes pls I typed these on my phone.

  • 18:00 - Within a couple months of Greg passing away, Nene’s aunt (who raised her basically as a mom), as well as Greg’s brother also passed. This would’ve been in 2021.

  • Nene says she was made a villain a lot on RHOA.

  • 23:30 - Nene responds to what Kenya said at bravocon. Says: Kenya has shown me love a couple times in the press… says Kenya is smart & knows what’s good for the show. Reid clarifies that Kenya doesn’t show Nene love through the phone lol

  • Reid compares her to Mariah from M2M b/c they were both instrumental in building their shows and were discarded by Bravo.

  • 32:00 - Asks why Nene & Kandi don’t get along. Nene says she doesn't have a problem with her and thinks Kandi has an issue with her because she is an OG. Nene agrees that Kandi is competitive.

  • 34:00 - Reid asks about Kim and Nene. Nene says their relationship is always on and off. Nene kind of dodges the question of if she has 'real love' for Kim, but thinks they would do good on TV together and probably make a lot of money together.

  • 36:00 - Reid asks about Kim’s house going into foreclosure. Nene thinks that It’s hard to believe and that the situation will be resolved some way. Someone will come and 'save' Kim or something lol.

  • She was not invited to bravocon.

  • 37:00 - Nene made many attempts to talk to Bravo but says It’s been crickets from bravo.

  • She's still in mediation with bravo about her lawsuit. Does not regret filing it.

  • 38:30 - She asked for help from bravo many times for things happening behind the scenes (before it came to the lawsuit).

  • 39:00 - Reid: I think Cynthia is one of the prettiest people on earth. Nene: oh do you? have you seen her in person? 😳

  • 40:00 - Nene says her and Cynthia are cordial, probably will never be as close as before. She says their early friendship was real and she thought of Cynthia as her sister. Doesn’t know if the feeling was mutual

  • 43:30 - Says she had dinner with Peter last night? lmao

  • If Nene had a housewives show to cast, who would she have on (rhoa)? Answer: Kenya, Porsha, Phaedra, Kandi, Marlo

  • 46:00 - Says she doesn’t have a beef with Marlo. Says they always fight and get back together

  • 49:00 - Reid asks Nene about trademarking her early seasons phrases like bloop and bam! Nene says she didn’t and Bravo probably did it. She does trademark stuff now though.

  • Nene says often Bravo and Andy came up with the opening taglines. The “I'm the glue for the wig and my family” came from ANDY lmao

  • 52:30 - On why she closed the laptop at her last reunion: someone came on last minute (Yolanda), they didn’t have a contract - Nene didn’t think this was cool. She also didn’t think walking off was a big deal, jokes about how people walk off the reunion sets all the time

  • 56:30 - Brentt actually manages the Linnethia lounge, which I didn’t know

  • Nene spoke about Brentt’s recent health problems. Brentt had congestive heart failure and a stroke at the same time. She spoke a bit about the day that it happened.

  • Also kind of an aside but she talked about how she called the ambulance like 3 times. The 1st time they said it would be an hour, the 2nd time she called they said there were no ambulances! Crazy.

  • Brentt is in rehab recovering right now.

  • Nene wants to sell the lounge b/c Brentt can’t manage it at the moment. It’s too much work for her alone.

  • Around the 1hr mark she talks about Greg’s passing and his last month or so.

  • 1:06:30 - Reid asks about Nene’s relationship to Trump. Nene refers to him as says they connected during the apprentice. She didn’t vote for him but thought he was entertaining. Overall generally complementary?

  • 1:11:00 - Reid asks about a talk show for Nene. Nene says she’s had many offers about hosting a talk/radio show, she thinks there is something/someone out there that doesn’t want this to happen b/c her opportunities always disappear…

  • 1:25:00 - Nene hosting a ‘Ladies of Success’ lunch in Miami at Peter Thomas’s restaurant lol

  • 1:27:00 - Someone asked Nene about returning to bravo after the lawsuit. Nene said anything is possible, after the arbitration is complete. Wants to discuss it with Bravo.

  • 1:32:00 - She talks about the drama with her boyfriend Yoni’s wife suing her. Says Yoni is going through a separation. Nene says she’s not going to argue with anyone about a man lol. She says (re the ex wife) “don’t sue me, you can have him back… it’s not that deep” Lmao

Anyways, no one asked, but here you go. Some recent updates from our problematic fav, Mrs. Leaks.


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